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Idiot -proof guide to planning a great kids party

  • Do not be tempted to invite too many children, invite a reasonable number of your childs good friends, Too many children are near impossible to control and it is difficult to keep them all focused on the same activity. A standard Balloonzoo party allows for up to twenty children

  • Although most parties are held between 2-3pm on Saturdays Its a good idea to have the party around noon. Kids are happiest around lunch time. This also means less sweets and more solid food like hotdogs or pizza , which grounds the kids and helps  keep them focused. (minimising sugar highs) the less hyperactive the kids the happier the party entertainer. Keep the food simple, with a reasonable amount of sweet stuff . Many kids today suffer from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) which is becoming a serious problem. Companies such as ”Caring Candies”  produce a range of candies made of natural ingredients not harmful to children.visit : 

  • Food items should cater for little people with  small tummys. Keep it small and save on food wastage.

  •  Small boxes of fruit juice minimise spills   Keep on hand a good supply of wetwipes for spills and mishaps.

  •   Dont forget to buy film for the camera.

  • Keep a lighter  in your pocket so you are ready to light the birthday cake.

  • Don’t  make the party too long .No more than two hours .Specify a time for kids to be collected by their parents.

  • Tie some balloons up at the front gate so that guests know where to come. This will also help ensure that the clown doesn't go to the wrong house.

  • I would recommend that children arrive at least 40 minutes before the clown  entertainer commences his/her show, this will allow for the kids to socialise, play and burn off some of their excess energy on the jumping castle, before settling down to enjoy the show.

  • Children come first, this is a kids party and its your childs special day, so having too many adults hanging around chatting can disrupt the kids atmosphere and make kids feel inhibited. Consider allowing for an adults area separate from the kids.

  • Please  make sure that you help to make it easier for your party entertainer , by Ensuring that kids  remain  seated  throughout the show unless invited forward as a guest . Ensure that kids are all  facing one direction , and that all distractions are minimized. The main distractions  from an entertainers point of view. are:: 

    a)Bringing out refreshments during the act

    b)Jumping Castles, which should remain deflated for the duration of the show

    c)Adults who chatter and socialise during the show. Adults should be briefed to either quietly watch, or to chat  away from the kids area.

  •    Weather permitting, have the party outdoors. Fresh air is good, and you wont make a mess of the house .My favorite place to perform for kids is on a patio or veranda

  •    Have a contingency plan in case of rai

  •   Organise  lots of games and activities  or hire an experienced clown or variety entertainer ,  Children are easily bored. So rather spend a little more on a tried and tested party entertainer, who the kids will enjoy, than suffer the dissapointment of a cheaper inexperienced performer.

Planning in advance   

  • Decide on a party theme (If you need some help,consult me for free advice. anytime i office hours on weekdays. @0844228238 

  • Plan the guest list (Remember to try keep the numbers fairly low .

  • Decide on the party date, the time and the venue.  

  • If you plan on hiring entertainment, make your booking well in advance, preferably choose an established and experienced entertainer who offers a  wide variety and can keep the children thoroughly occupied . BalloonZoo offers a ten percent discount for parties booked more than a month in advance

  • Send the invitations.a few weeks in advance. Request that guests  confirm (RSVP) by a set  date so you know how many to cater for.

  • Make a list of all the party supplies you will need Decide what you will need to be buy,make or order.

  • Plan your  party eats.Remember to keep it simple and balanced with a reasonable variety. Theres no need to overdo it.

  • Make sure you have enough plates ,cups and tableware for your guests

  • Decide on games to play. (choose activities your child likes and consider the age of the children)

  • BalloonZoo can help you with ideas for various fun games and activities. We can also facilitate your party games for you.

  • BalloonZoo consultations on Party planning ,themes, treasure hunts, and general party ideas are free .Phone me anytime in office hours

  •  @0844228238