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Welcome to the Balloonzoo artists directory, offering you a nationwide resource of all the very best in South African clown arts. Just keep on scrolling down because this page just goes on and on.(and on)Just to challenge your perception of what you think a clown is: all of the following are chosen for being clowns in their own right, even though at first glance they may not fit your stereotype


Anthea Stylianou( Cape Town )(Slaapstadt)

This larger than life foolish fairy will tickle and dust away  your daily grinds with her magical featherduster, and transport ypu into to a place where being against the law. Popular with the kiddies, her one hour act will include balloon modelling ,fairy(gym)nastics, storytelling, wonderful wishes,and facepainting 


Andrew Meldrum Jhb

It takes balls to do this. An expert juggler and unicyclist. Andy is available for your birthday party, corporate event or any special occasion. He will juggle fire, unicycle, walk on stilts, do a spot of magic and even twist balloon animals
He has a 30 minute Magic and juggling show suitable for kids aged four andup.(Johannesburg)

Bubbles   ( Pretoria)

Bubbles is probably South Africa most experienced childrens clown., with about twenty years experience. Bubbles offers juggling, balloons twisting, magic and classic clown comedy. Bubbles is the chairperson of the South African clown register and is internationally recognised for his contribution to clowning. Bubbles, his wife and daughters are all clowns or circus performers in their own right.


Charlie (Professor Vize-Vize)

Charlie is a celebrity in his native Seychelles, with a reputation throughout Africa. Charlie is great at working a crowd.with close up magic. or As a colourful high visibility character on stilts for an outdoor walkabout. Charlie is a magical clown par excellence. His repertoire includes: Magic, clowning, fire juggling, hat juggling,stiltwalking, unicycling and trick-cycling

Durban Artist



Loved by young and old Gum gum the clown from Durban is a multitalented performer who will add sparkle to any event. Puppetry, Comedy- Magic illusion, Balloonology, games , his act is both funny and educational. Gum- gum uses his clowning to spread the Gospel. Available for all occasions, birthdays, corporate events and church functions, Gum gum is the cream elite of Smilemaking in Durban


JayJay the Jolly juggler

JayJay has been entertaining kids of all ages for about ten years now. He will appear at your birthday party, corporate event, shopping centre or anywhere else where a laugh is needed. JayJay does magic, juggles, makes the most amazing balloon sculptures, walks on stilts and generally clowns around. He can perform a 30 - 40 minute show aimed at all ages and/or do strolling entertainment.

Mister. Magic

Mister Magic charms and delights young and old, His versatility as Magician allows for a brilliant stage act . His experience at working with a crowd, allows for great audience participation. Mister Magic has performed for Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher and SoliPhilander

Mrs Tangles

Mrs Tangles of the “Teeny Weeny Smile Factory” with the fruit of her loins, “Tucky Tangles,”(Probably the youngest member of the South African clown family). Mrs Tangles is an expert puppetter and storyteller and also an exquisite facepainter (some of her facepainting can be viewed on this site) She can also twist (and tangle) quite a few impressive balloon creations..She says the best part about working in a smile factory is making all those teeny weeny smiles..

The Clown Doctors

This cheerful crew of clown doctors, spread smiles and hope in Hospitals around Johannesburg. The team led by Doctor Jay Jay, are all members of the Theodora foundation, based in Switzerland.
Dr JayJay can be booked for your function to do a talk about the Theodora Foundation’s mission to spread their medicinal laughter. This is done in exchange for a donation to the foundation to allow these marvelous clown doctors to continue this special work.

Dr JayJay has been visiting hospitalised children as part of the Theodora Foundation for the last eight years. Every week he can be seen in the paediatric wards of Chris Hani Baragwanath and Johannesburg General hospitals brightening the days of the staff and patients.


Sylvester has established himself as one of SA’s best loved clowns. As Alwyn the ventriloquist , he brings his cheeky back-chatting mannequins to life , to steal the show without fail.. Really , I could’nt see his lips move. Sylvester and Alwyn are available for corporate events and stage shows. As a clown, ventriloquist, magician and mime, Sylvester entertains young and old, bringing his unique sparkle to your function or event.




Flopsy is a well loved and spirited performer who uses storytelling , kids magic and balloon modelling amongst her various clown antics. She is available for birthday parties and all special occasions in Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Fo-kids :Winnie and Anlie - Puppeteers

(Cape Town)

Absolutely the best puppet act Cape Town has to offer, with comically crafted muppet type puppets and a large puppet stage.Winnie and Anlies scripts are genuinely funny and in this regard they qualify as clowns in their own right.This show will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Vinnie  (Cape Town)

Vinnie has a theatrical background, having studied  drama at UCT  He uses a combination of mime, storytelling, juggling ,unicycling and physical theatre. Much of his work has an environmental message. He performs for any sort of event. His clown character comes from another planet called Zok. Vinnies clown speaks in a strange gibberish that any five year old can understand.

Mungo the Clown (Cape Town)

Mungo has performed both locally and internationally in France , Italy and Spain With an act that cuts through all cultural and language barriers , clowning is a language all children and adults can understand .In the process, he has brought smiles and laughter to hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life.

Teacup the Clown (Jhb)

About Teacup .a.k.a Bronwyn : an allround fun clown for kids of all ages. Especially talented for her musical ability, teacup is an adept juggler, balloon twister, facepainter and an entertainer with a silly sense of humour. Available for the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria areas.


Johnjays list of incredible clown skills have grown by leaps and bounds. He  does magic, walks on stilts, juggles (even fire)on a tall unicycle, is an expert balloon twister. Aside from also playing a heart wrenching harmonica, Johnjay is a
keypin designer and facilitator for the Johannesburg carnival industry.



Kleanthy and Stephen(cape town)

Kleanthy is a loyal friend and an excellent person to have on my team. As a face-painter, fairy,  arts and crafts workshop facilitator she can also teach kids to make their own musical instruments. Kleanthy , a school teacher by profession is a perfectionist in everything she does.Her Hubby Stephen pictured right is her assistant arts and craft co-ordinator and BalloonZoo's assistant event manager.


Michael (Johannesburg)

Michael- A Mephistophelian wonder for your evening adult corporate event. The masked man juggles a multitude of faces of his own making. A perfectionist at his craft., Michael is a master
of fire and mask"performance and is perfect for any alternative corporate event. Michael is available to create your mask on request.


Misha the Mermaid   (Cape Town)

This beautiful facepainting Mermaid is a hit for any kind of childrens event. She will sit patiently for endless hours creating gorgeous art on our kiddies faces.,telling magical tales of her life as a mermaid princess deep beneath the waves.




 ( Cape Town)

Steffie The clown has moved on and up. Still an all -round clown performer, Steffie has a new passion: for Hypnosis. His sidesplitting hypnosis show is creating a sensation across the country.





Justin the Wizard
(Cape Town)

Justin is an extravagant stiltwalking character,

perfect for walkabouts festivals and carnivals He designs and makes his own costumes, masks, props, puppets and can create just about anything. Also known for his pyrotechnic abilities , Justin is regarded by all who know him as a full fledged Wizard both onstage and behind the scenes.


Lolliee!  (Cape Town)

In my opinion a Miss Bean of excellence, Lolly is a natural absurd clown with a wide range of skills and a flair for character performance. She is as comfortable on tall stilts as most of us are on our feet. Bright and cheerful on the eye with a ridiculous dose of clown humour.  Lolliee is fantastic for any type of event wherever a true clowns services are required


Lulu Absolutely (Cape Town)


Lulu has been performing professionally for the past six years. Passionate about innovating new characters and modes of performance, her explorations in entertainment have expanded her repertoire to include:most forms of dance, mime, clowning, childrens theatre, puppetry,stiltwalking, fire-performance, fire eating and bellydancing.  Lulu has performed internationally and was invited to perform in Italy in 2004. Book Lulu while you can, for soon she will be sailing away to work aboard a luxury cruise liner.


Pandemonium (Cape Town)

This highly practised consortium of  extremely lovable partially insane,  stiltwalking clowns is the perfect visual addition to any festival or corporate event. All good friends, pandemonium can offer you a polished teamwork as either walkabout characters up in the air or for a good and solid  act on the ground



Parola Bianca-    

 A dancing fairy moves through the silence with grace  and magical gestures. 

Parola Bianca contains all the magic of fairytales. She is  incredibly surreal and elegant ,attracting the curiosity of people of all ages through her graceful movements.
Fresh from Italy. Bianca received her training from the celebrated father of mime : Marcel Marceau

“The mime artist is a sorcerer’s apprentice who conjures mountains, storms, winds, tides and a whole cosmic world that appears and disappears by volition…Miming starts where the word stops: in the silence”
Marcel Marceau