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  The South African Clown Register 

Is based in Pretoria, The register is a collection of the names of all professional clowns in South Africa, and it was compiled by Mr Piet Nortje (a.k.a Bubbles the Clown), who after about twenty years of clowning is one of the country's most experienced clowns   Piet and his entire family are clown- artists or circus performers

Piet is charismatic and enthusiastic about clowning and has attended clown camps and conventions well as written countless articles on clowning.
 He has helped me tremendously with advice and his limitless know how of every aspect of the clown arts.

The clown register is free to all professional clown artists who would like to join. and Piet also hosts a monthly clown get together known as the "clown confabulation" which is also free. The" Confabulation" is a place where Clown performers come together, share  and swop stories and ideas, do mini performances or talks and learn from each other. The idea is that we dont have to jealously safeguard the tricks of our trade, but we can grow more as performers by networking and sharing our skills.The confabulation also have a monthly clown newsletter, known as the clown chatter.

If you are a clown artist and would like to join the register, or are a client who would like to check if an artist is registered . Please contact Mr Piet Nortje @ 012 3261083