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  Frequently asked questions

What can i expect from  Merriweather's standard Balloonzoo party package?

A one hour variety show for twenty children. The show includes juggling, magic, chinese yo-yo, animal quackers, balloon comedy, mime, fifty different balloon animals, spotlight time for the birthday child,a special giant balloon sculpture for the birthday child and a balloon animal for every child

How much does it cost? 

R680 on Saturday except the peak time matinee

 between 2-4 pm which is R780

R580 on Fridays and Sundays

only R480 from Monday to Thursday


How long does the show last ?

Merriweather the clown performs for one hour. This consists of about 40 minutes of performance and twenty minutes to make balloon animals for all the children. 

How long in advance should i book ?

Its difficult to say. You might phone me to do a party for the very next day, and if i am available you are in luck. sometimes i am booked up completely for months in advance. However as an incentive to book me in advance, i offer a ten percent discount on all weekend shows that are booked more than a month in advance.

How do i make a booking ? 

Go to browse site on the homepage, and click on How to make a booking for easy info, or just phone me @0844228238

What info will you need from me when i call ? 

             Name and age of Birthday Child
 Your name cell no and a landline contact number            
             Location of Party
             Day Date and Starting Time
                          No of children

How much space do you  need to perform ?

Having performed for fifteen years, i am used to every situation and can perform in almost any circumstance. The years have made me flexible. Performing on a patio with a little fresh air and sunlight is usually a safe bet.

How many children should i invite ?

A standard booking accomodates up to twenty children. If you decide to invite less than twenty kids it does not mean you pay less than the full price. If you wish to invite more than twenty, you will pay R10 per additional child.

What age groups do you entertain ?

I entertain children of all ages but 4-8 is my favourite age group.


How old should my child be to appreciate the party?

Parties will be enjoyed more by children of at least three and up.

Some of the kids we invited to our party may be frightened of you.How will you make it easier for them?

Usually small kids are more afraid of the clowns face-paint and the bright colours than they are of clowns per se. One way around this is to appear with minimal make-up or to paint my face as part of the show. I have had years of experience in allaying the fears of coulrophobic children. If there are very small kids at your party, it is important that you invite a mixed age group of kids. The five and six years old will quickly laugh and relax, and this will help to give the message to the smaller children, that they are safe and that its okay to relax and have fun.

How can i help (thats you) to make my party  run as smoothly as possible

Its a good idea not to give the children much in the way of cooldrinks or sweets before the show. as this will make them hyperactive. Its better to give them something soft and filling like a hot dog, so they are not hungry, but can relax to enjoy the show.

Children easily lose concentration, once lost its not easy to regain their focus, So please do not bring out any trays of refreshments during the show, or do anything that will cause a distraction. I need the performance to run smoothly for your sake, so i can offer you the best show possible. I want to give as much of the material i have promised, and any distractions or interuptions will cost me time, and I may have other parties to get to when i am finished with yours

Please brief the children beforehand to remain seated throughout the performance., unless they are invited up as a volunteer .

Please make sure the children are all seated facing one direction.

Please brief all adults attending the party : they are welcome to watch the show. However its a kids party and kids come first. So any adults  wishing to socialise and chew the rhubarb must leave the performance area and chat elsewhere

Please make sure all distractions are removed and that jumping castles are deflated during the performance.