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Balloon Gallery

Mungo Merriweather the Loony Balloonologist 
can make almost anything from a sausage balloon, 
 more than fifty different kinds of animals. 


 At Horwoods farm on the 30th of July 1995 he  inflated 257 balloons by mouth  and twisted them all into animals,  in exactly one hour. Making him South Africas fastest balloon twister The world record  is 529 in one hour.

Especially for Valentines




Whos who in the Zoo ?

Recognise any of your kids here ?


A Mouse on a motorcycle

Its a cheesy-rider !



My cat won a medal for drinking milk at the olympic games. Really, she won by six laps



So you'd like a monkey, okay just sit still and model for me


Teddy bear

Mommy bear with baby bear



The best way to stop fish from smelling 
is to stick bubblegum up their noses



Whats grey with big ears and a big trunk ?
besides a mouse at the holiday inn.



Whaddya call a frog that doesn't have a drivers liscence ?    a paddastrian


Poodle, teddy, lion






I am just nuts about my new squirrel


A Pony


An entire menagerie
 of beasties , real and imaginary


cat cat2 clown pirate
cat cat2 clown pirate

diabolo fire_juggling hoops juggling_balls
diabolo fire_juggling hoops juggling_balls