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Private Packages

Package 1

Balloonzoo variety package Package

Spotlight time for the birthday child
Juggling act
Magic act
Chinese-yo-yo act
Balloon-comedy act
birthday songs
balloons animals for twenty children (50 different designs)

60 minutes.

Saturday matinee

The 2-4pm time slot on Saturday is the ideal time to have a party. This time slot is very much in demand and is charged as peaktime

Balloonzoo bumper packages
(customize and super size your party)

Package 2
The full package as outlined above + face painting
90 minutes

Package 3
The full package as outlined above + face painting and extra magic
110 minutes

Package 4
The full package as outlined above + face painting, extra magic, and games or circus workshop
140 minutes

More than 20 children?

Package 5 - Crown birthday bumper package

Full balloonzoo variety package
Balloon animals for twenty children.
Face painting for twenty children.
Extra magic.
Games/ circus workshop.
Birthday present.
Panyatta surprise.
Jumping castle.
140 minutes show

Since certain children may find traditional clown make-up frightening. I can appear in minimalist make-up, or I can apply my make-up as a part of the show..

Smile maker.
I am sometimes hired by child photographers for commercial shoots, to get the best possible reaction shots.

Clown-a-grams .
10 - 15 minute clown appearance, mini-balloon comedy show, balloon teddy bear made on the spot, a jingle composed and sang for the special for the special person (appropriate for the occasion), chocolate, flowers, etc. purchased separately at the customer discretion. Transport cost included in the price. Clown-a-grams are great for any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, boss day, etc.

Table Magic.
I have many years of experience entertaining at family restaurants. I am always tactful and never intrusive or interupting the meal Laughter is wonderful for the digestion. Magic, juggling ,clowning and balloon really well.

Hospital visits
Appearance as doctor Merryweather the clown will cheer up your sick friends or relatives. for Up to 30 minutes.

Will make balloon animals for the entire ward.

The gate crasher.
(Adult events for evenings only)
Wiltered Walter the weary hobo makes an inebriated
appearance at your special event. Looking much the worse for wear, Wilter wanders in, helps himself at the buffet, pilfers the prize plonk, flirts with the young ladies, gets thrown out by security, reappears perhaps to sing a Frank Sinatra number , has even gone so far as to drown in the pool for a special finale, laugh and cry.

The pregnant man
Appearing as my usual – unusually wacky clown character, this time I am eight months pregnant.

Fire shows
Adult evening functions (3 X 15 minute
sets)Fire staff, fire-juggling, fire deabolo.

Corporate carnivals
Perfect for a product launch, you
customize, according to your budget. A team of puppets or giant carnival dragons takes to the street creating
colorful mayhem.

For enquiries and bookings please go to our bookings page by clicking here.

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